Door to a controlled room


The entrance was a vital detail in maintaining a controlled programme of people flow. Through understanding the intended circulation within the space, a multifunctional doorway was designed to create the required effect.

The doorway was imagined as a binary “gate“ which would block passage when used, and allow circulation when it is vacant. It was designed to be passively run by the clients using the spa, and operable by a single person at a time.

The compact space has to be accessed in order to enter the spa, and serves mainly as a changing room which is left open when unoccupied. When it is in use, it is closed from the inside by the user, by sliding the main door to the side. This mechanically pulls a sliding vertical element with it, stretching an opaque curtain over the entrance, thus closing it from the other side as well, and blocking further access. Once the user has changed, and reopens the doorway, the curtain to the side of the entrance is also pushed back, re-allowing flow on both sides.

The use of soft, opaque material allows the users to see if the space is in use, while also allowing an easily penetratable (and replaceable) surface in case of emergency.”